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What Are The Benefits Of Collagen & Why Is It Good For My Skin?

What Is Collagen And Why Is It Good For My Skin?

Collagen is the buzz word right now and with good cause but what exactly is Collagen and why is it good for my skin?

Collagen is the protein in our body that gives our skin structure, giving us a smoother appearance which we love right!

As we “mature” our bodies naturally produce less and lower quality collagen. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate collagen into our diets, be it through what we eat or drink.

The process of naturally producing the collagen in our body is called procollagen

To make this happen two amino acids combine – glycine and proline using Vitamin C in the process. 

Collagen supplements such as powders you put into drinks or on food is all the trend right now.  I have started taking these collagen supplements as I have really noticed over the last few years a difference in my skin.

Collagen Supplements

Collagen Supplements

The brand I am trying right now is called Arravite Collagen 20 in 3 different flavours.  It’s an Australian own brand that is made using Marine Collagen from France.  It has been claimed that Marine Collagen is the easiest to absorb.

Collagen Beauty Essential + Cranberry
I like this one just in a glass of water

Collagen Beauty Essential + Milk Thistle             
I like this one is a glass of walk milk and whisked with a milk frother (if you need a milk frother click here

Collagen Beauty Essential + Prebiotic Vanilla Bean Flavour
I like this one mixed in a with my Greek yoghurt and add some fresh fruit as breakfast, a dessert or just as a snack.


Making different recipes or foods is a fun way to incorporate these powders into our daily routine.  You could try them on a variety of food to mix it up a little or if you are happy with just a lovely drink each morning then take them just mixed with water or your favourite juice

If you have ways you like to take your please pop it in the comments below – I would love to hear it.

The lovely people at Arravite have offered readers of MidLife Fabulous a 20% discount if you use code i08018 at checkout

Enhance Our Naturally Producing Collagen Collagen Rich Foods

Bone Broth


Fish and Shellfish

Egg Whites

Citrus Fruits


Tropical Fruits


Leafy Greens




Vitamin C



Oranges / Mandarins


Kiwi Fruits




Green Capsicum (or Bell Peppers)




Green Tea


Here is a list of how much Vitamin C is in food type
Vitamin C




Pork Skins

Egg whites


Butter Milk


Cottage Cheese

Cheese – Parmesan, Gruyere, Goats, Swiss








Glycine - Nuts

Collagen Face Masks & Eye Masks

Once we have our bodies producing natural collagen on the inside, I love complimenting this by using collagen face or eye mask.

What are the benefits of a collagen face mask and collagen eye mask?

Well apart from feeling great, they give us a boost of hydration from the outside, relishing our skin with moisture and hydration since we leave the mask on for about 20 min it gives us concentrated boost of hydration.

Depending on your skin needs you can get these masks infused with different elements such as Aloe, Aitamin C, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid.  Y0u will know what your skin needs.

I am a fan of using the under eye masks as I have crepey under eye area and I find them very soothing.  I just buy there at Priceline for $10 for a pack of 3.


Collagen under eye pad

Other Benefits Of Collage

Collagen also provides many other benefits to other parts of our bodies too including to our bones, skin, muscles, hair, tendons and ligaments and it can also be found in cornea, teeth and blood vessels.  It’s like a glue that holds everything together and actually the word Collagen comes from the Greek word Greek Kolla – κόλλα which means “glue”.

Things That Damage Collagen Regrowth

There are many things in our day to day life that do damage the Collagen regrowth with age being one but refined sugars and carbohydrates damage it’s regrowth too so stay away from them as much as possible.

Excess sun – now we need sunlight for Vitamin D but make sure you are putting on your sunscreen and not spending hours on end in the sun.

Smoking – well you just should not smoke full stop right – I think we all know that but this damages the collagen regrowth process too.

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