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Hot Beauty Products Right Now

There are so many hot beauty products for 2020.

Below are a few of my favourite that I love to use .

Moisturiser For My Rosace

I have a little bit of Roseace across my cheeks and nose and this BioDerma Sensibio AR Anti Redness moisturiser cream is the one I uses to help manage the redness. I also like removing my make with the lightness of the Sensibio Make Up Removing Water.

It is calming and tends to soften the redness.

BioDerma Anti-Redness Cream

BioDerma MakeUp Removing Water

Collagen Face And Eye Masks

With ageing comes less collagen being produced naturally.  This is important for the structure in my skin.  I do try to eat food  that contain collagen building ingredients which you can read about here – but I am also a big fan of a collagen face and eye mask.

There are so many different types so pick on that works with your skin type.  My skin type is dehydrated with slight roseace.

Collagen Face Mask

Collagen under eye pad

Under my eyes often feels sore and look creepy.  

For me there are 3 factors contributing to this

  1. my age
  2. my Roseace
  3. I have a partially blocked tear duct

So I do love to put on a Collagen Eye Mask to sooth and plump under my eyes

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Gift Cards

If you are looking to buy a friend a gift and just can’t find the right item there are plenty of beauty gifts on Amazon and here you can get them a fabulous gift card so they can choose their own beauty product that suits their skin type.

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