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Trivia Night

Most local clubs and pubs host weekly Trivia nights and we think it’s a fun thing to do!

A great way to get together mid-week with friends for an entertaining evening out. Get competitive and show off all that Mid Life Fabulous knowledge you have gained over the years! Battle it out with your friends and other teams and don’t worry about it being a late night on a ‘school night’ as you will be home and tucked up in bed by 10pm at the latest!

Sim’s local club has a great trivia night run by one of Australia’s premier quiz providers known as InnQUIZative- Big Screen Trivia. You can find them on Facebook or jump on their website to find if they are at a venue near you.

Their audio-visual content plus a great range of questions will challenge your whole team. Covering topics from pop culture, geography, music and much more there is something for everyone.

These pics from Sim’s recent night out with her friends, all fabulous mid-lifers! Their team came 9thout of 15 (not quite fabulous at it yet) but they all had a great time with lots of laughs and are looking forward to challenging the brain cells at the next one!

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