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Talking Hair Loss with Nick Chavez

Tina loves having a chat, especially when it’s with the famous international hairdresser to the stars, the fabulous Nick Chavez!

Watch and listen to Tina and Nick talking problems and solutions regarding hair loss. A common problem for ladies in mid life that can be hereditary, hormonal or even due to certain medications. 

Some helpful tips from Nick to prevent hair loss are:

Wash your hair in warm water but always rinse with cool water to help open and close the pores

Keep your conditioner 3 inches away from the scalp to prevent your hair from getting flat and greasy which will clog the pores and lead to hair loss.

What we love about Nick Chavez is that he truly believes in empowering women. He says that as women in mid-life we should all be taking good care of ourselves and to be helping each other be the best that we can be because we are truly worth it!

To find out more about Nick’s products including the Plump and Thicken and the Advanced Volume Shampoo and Conditioner go to Nick’s website or TVSN

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