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Wigs The Latest Accessory

Wigs are now the latest on trend fashion accessory!

Wigs are now the latest on trend fashion accessory!

In days gone by no one wanted to admit they were wearing a wig or a hairpiece but these days with such a variety to choose from, women are confidently wearing their wigs and hairpieces and changing them like they are changing their handbags and shoes.

Whether you are a necessity wearer or just want to change up your look for a bit of fun we have found a brand of wig that looks just like real hair but you won’t be paying the price for a real hair wig.

In the business over 20 years, HairdoUSA has the most fabulous collection of wigs and hair pieces available. From short to long, grey to blonde you will find a wig or hairpiece to suit your style and personality. Each colour is a combination of 7 to 11 different shades to help you get the most natural look that blends with your real hair.

The exclusive true to life fibre can be heat styled and cut to help you define your look. You can blow dry, flat iron or heat curl your hair anyway you want.

Wearing a wig gives us confidence. You may be a necessity wearer where for example you may have lost your hair due to medical reasons, have thinning hair or just want to cover up your grey roots in between salon visits. Or, you love the latest on trend hairstyles and hair colours but have not quite decided to take the plunge of cutting or colouring your hair.

Tina and Sim were lucky enough to catch up with celebrity wig stylist Kyle Kneath from HairdoUSA for a chat and a try on of some of the latest on trend styles of wigs.

We found them easy to wear and easy to put on. They are not hot or heavy to wear and give you the most fabulous stylish look. We love our Hairdo wigs!


Kyle's Tips

Shake the wig to wake the wig!

Use a wig cap if you have thick or long hair.

Pull down on the side tabs to make the wig sit straight at your ears then pull the front of the wig back in line with your natural hairline.

Brush, spray, and style the wig to suit your own personality and style.

Have fun with your wigs!

Wig Care

Store your wig on a wig stand or its original box.

The true to life nylon fibre can be heat styled (blow dry, flat iron or curl)

Use a gentle shampoo to wash your wig if necessary.

Brush with a regular hairbrush and style with a gentle hairspray.

We recommend SCHWARZKOPF Taft Flexible Hairspray Flexible Hold

Wigs can be purchases at TVSN

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