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Dye Your Eyebrows At Home

Who has the time or money to head off to the beautician every few weeks to get their eyebrows tints?  I certainly don’t, but I have found this great tip on how to do it at home.

Use on your eyebrows for a great tint

Over the years my eyebrows through plucking and age are now very sparse and I just look a little strange.  I constantly have to fill them in with some sort of eyebrow pencil or powder. Doing that everyday can become tedious and well if I go swimming then back to no eyebrows it is for me.

Then I discovered Just For Men Moustache & Beard Colour

You can buy this at most supermarkets and pharmacies but I found that they mostly stock the darker colours and I didn’t want my eyebrows to be as dark as a man’s beard so I got them to order a lighter shade in for me.  

What You Will Need

Mid Life Fabulous



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